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'Wednesday' Cast:

Meet the Extended Addams Family Universe

Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega

While Addams Family fans have previously seen this character as a little girl, she’s now (nearly) all grown up. Wednesday’s, well, Wednesday, is a “fearless, unapologetically smart” 15-year-old newcomer to Nevermore Academy, according to Millar. Wednesday’s got the same pigtails and enviable goth wardrobe as always, along with nascent young-adult angst and burgeoning psychic abilities.  

“Adding those layers of insecurity and [other] lived-in qualities that make a teenager a teenager is really, really interesting,” says Ortega, who was compared to her character long before she donned her Wednesday wig. “Especially with a character that we’ve never gotten the opportunity to know well enough, because she’s always been the one-liner, off to the side with a funny punchline.” 

This Wednesday is no one’s sidekick as she investigates a monstrous killing spree plaguing the area around Nevermore and faces down the scariest threat of all: other teens.

Snaps to this creepy, kooky cast of characters.

By Ariana RomeroNov 23, 2022

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The Addams Family world gets bigger (and eerier) when Wednesday premieres on — yes! — Wednesday, Nov. 23. In the series (the first four episodes are directed by executive producer Tim Burton), the macabre brood’s eldest child, played by Gen Z horror standout Jenna Ortega, has left her fam’s spooky mansion for the halls of Nevermore Academy, a school with occult secrets of its own. 

Enid Sinclair


Meet Wednesday’s “direct opposite,” as Millar calls her. “Super bubbly” Enid is all bright colors, warm fuzzies and school spirit — in other words, she’s Wednesday’s nightmare. Naturally, these two mismatched souls are Nevermore roommates. Enid is also a werewolf, but her lupine journey isn’t exactly going to plan. 

“She’s a bit of a late bloomer, which causes her to feel ostracized from her own community,” Myers says. “And until Wednesday shows up, she hasn’t really learned how to stand up for herself yet. But Wednesday teaches her an important lesson on how to accept yourself and stand up for yourself.” 

These two roomies might just find some common ground after all. 

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